Back&Forward Utility, and Drive Speed Add-in for MapPoint, to be withdrawn

On Friday (17th March) I will be withdrawing the downloads for the “Back and Forward Utility” and the Drive Speed Add-in. These were both add-ins for Microsoft MapPoint which Microsoft have now withdrawn. The Back and Forward Utility fixed a problem in MapPoint 2009 that meant users could not “back-up” through a series of views. ... is now Responsive

The website has now been convert to a responsive theme that matches . Let me know if you see any issues. MPExporter is our add-in for Microsoft MapPoint that lets you export your data to a range of different formats including SVG, web pages, SHP files, and Maptitude maps.

Product Overview: MPExporter

Those looking to migrate their Microsoft MapPoint maps to the geospatial web may want to look at MPExporter, an add-in from