An Overview of

The aim of is to establish a copyright-free database of geocoded addresses, using donations and voluntary help. Such a database has a wide range of applications including spatial analysis and geomarketing. The database is intended to be of greater accuracy than navigation systems which typically have insufficient accuracy for microgeographic analysis. OpenAddresses includes a ...

Technical Overview: GeoNames

GeoNames is a series of web services to an extensive geographical database of over 8,000,000 names. The database is also available for “bulk” download. Both access methods are under the Creative Commons attribution license. The web services are available through free and commercial interfaces, and using a number of different format/protocols.

Technical Overview: Geocoder.US

Geocoder.US is a popular online geocoding service. The service supports geocoding through REST, XML-RPC, SOAP, web interface, and email. Limited services are free for non-commercial purposes. Batch geocoding is also available for commercial users.