Why is it important to practice defensive driving, and how can it benefit 

Why is it important to practice defensive driving, and how can it benefit 

Defensive driving is the technique in which you drive cautiously and smoothly, minimising the chances of engaging in an accident and damaging your car and that of third parties. Car accidents mainly occur due to reckless and rash driving. A defensive driver ensures that he drives carefully so that he does not engage in a collision. Read more at https://www.myimprov.com/defensive-driving/texas/tx-online-course/.

Let us see why it is important to practice defensive driving and how it can benefit us.

1. Safety and security:
Defensive driving is necessary for your safety, security, and other vehicles on the road. Moreover, it can also save pedestrians around your vehicle from injuries and loss of life. It is an art that comes with planning and regular practice. You need to scan your surroundings and be alert while slowing down or changing lanes so that you do not collide with other cars on the street. A defensive driver believes that other drivers on the road can commit a mistake anytime while driving. Hence, he practices being perfect and better than them to leave no margin for errors.
Accidents prove very costly as you will have to get your car repaired if you meet with an accident. Raising an insurance claim for minor repairs is not advisable as you might lose on your NCB (No-claim Bonus). You will have to bear the cost of repairs and maintenance and the loss of time and effort spent on repairs. There is a high risk of loss of lives and valuable property in case of a severe accident. If you are a defensive driver, you can avoid such situations and practise disciplined driving.

2. Better mileage:
The most common reasons for poor mileage in a car are accelerating abruptly and driving in the high rpm range. You can go fast and enjoy the speed but will burn a lot more fuel and experience poor mileage in return.
A defensive driver always drives at a controlled speed, accelerates softly and maintains an economy rpm range that gives the best possible mileage. Also, he ensures that he does not brake abruptly and changes gears frequently. This helps to save on fuel costs and also prevent accidents due to over-speeding.

3. Low maintenance cost:
A defensive driver drives cautiously and with care to avoid getting hit by another vehicle. Because accidents pose a huge threat of scratches, dents, rubs, etc., on the vehicle that requires an immediate fix. Your car wouldn’t require frequent servicing because of your cautious driving style. You can benefit a lot from the low cost of maintenance and repairs.

4. Fewer traffic challans:
A defensive driver ensures that he does not skip red lights on crossings, over speeds, or enters a one-way road negligently. He is a vigilant and responsible driver. Hence, it is important to practice defensive driving as you will get none or very few traffic challans and save a lot of money and time.

Defensive driving is a skill that can be developed with constant practice, and by promising ourselves that we will not engage in brawls and fights on the road. Also, you must avoid changing lanes frequently, use proper and timely indicators and signals, and stay away from distractions such as the mobile phone while driving.

Good car insurance will benefit you in several ways. It takes care of your safety and security and helps you save on unnecessary repairs and maintenance expenditures in case of an accident. Also, you don’t need to go through emotional trauma and monetary loss if your car gets stolen, as your comprehensive insurance policy will take care of the financial loss and reimburse it. Buy car insurance online and stay stress-free by having a reliable safety net for your vehicle.