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What's New

  • Over the years we have written a number of Android apps for customers. We have just released our first publically-available Android app. Admittedly a bit of a novelty app, this is a Roman Numeral Calculator! Calculations are shown using side-by-side displays in Roman numbers and decimals. You can also choose decimal or Roman numeral keyboards. Download is free with minimal advertising.

  • Ultra Mileage
  • Our latest product is the Ultra Mileage system. This implements very fast route mileage and travel time calculations, with speeds of about 1000 routes per second on a modern PC. The initial version implements a port of our popular MileCharter product for mileage chart calculations. A port of MPMileage for point-to-point route calculations is in development. Ultra Mileage uses OpenStreetMap data for the road network, enabling it to work with data from any country in the world. For further information including a free 14 day trial, please see the Ultra Mileage website.

  • See the recently introduced Winwaed Software Technology LLC Blog. As well as including articles from our earlier Natural Language Processing Musings and GeoWebGuru websites, this includes recent articles, news, and commentary that we think our customers will find interesting. Subjects include geospatial processing (GIS), in addition to software engineering, cartography, and the Earth Sciences amongst other subjects.

  • MPMileage for Maptitude
  • We have ported a number of our popular MapPoint products to Caliper®'s Maptitude® application. The latest is MPMileage for Maptitude. MPMileage batch computes point-to-point routes that are listed in a database. The results (route distance, travel time, and estimated cost) are written to the database. The Maptitude version also adds support for Maptitude data views and the wide range of road type speeds. For further information including a free 14 day trial, please see the MPMileage for Maptitude website.

  • MPCluster for Maptitude
  • MPCluster has also been ported for Maptitude. MPCluster finds clusters in your geographic point data. The Maptitude version adds the Hierarchical Clustering algorithm in addition to the original K-Means algorithm; and can write the results directly to Maptitude data layers and/or joined data tables. For further information including a free 14 day trial, please see the MPCluster for Maptitude website.

  • MileCharter for Maptitude
  • Our first product for Caliper Maptitude was MileCharter for Maptitude. This is a version of our popular MPMilecharter product specifically for Maptitude, and supports all of Maptitude's routing options. This includes the ability to set the road speeds for all of Maptitude's road types, and to Selection Sets for source & destination locations. For further information including a free 14 day trial, please see the MileCharter for Maptitude website.

Other Products and Projects

MPSuperShape: Combine shapes with the Union operation

Our tools and add-ins for Microsoft® MapPoint® continue to be available and include: