The Battle of Winwaed, 655 AD

The Battle of Winwaed was fought in 655AD between the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia. Not only did this ensure Northumbria as the ruling kingdom in Northern England, it marked the defeat of the last credible pagan force in Anglo-Saxon England. It also sowed the seeds which would lead to Anglo-Saxon acceptance of the Catholic Church over the Celtic Church.

Mirroring major changes in the English language, the battle has been given a variety of names during the past one and a half millennia. British/Welsh accounts refer to "Maes Gai", whilst medieval accounts refer to "Winwaed", "Winwade", "Wunued", and "Wingfield". If the Battle occurred at its most likely location (Whinmoor, Leeds), the spelling had become "Whinmore" by the 19th Century. This is similar to today's "Winn Moor" or "Whinmoor" spellings.

Although the exact location has been lost, the most likely location is very close to an area near Leeds, which I grew up in. These pages represent what I have been able to find to date. If you have any information or comments about these pages, please contact me!


The Venerable Bede
Geoffrey of Monmouth
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle


Background History
Alternate Histories
The Barwicker Article
Royalty in Barwick?
Was Aethelhere buried at Sutton Hoo?
Location of the Battle
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