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MPSuperShape: Combine shapes with the Union operation

Our popular MPSuperShape shape manipulation add-in for Microsoft MapPoint can perform various shape operations such as simplify; change colors; and the calculation of calculate intersections, unions, and boundary shapes. It also supports the import and export of Microsoft MapPoint shapes in a number of industry-standard formats such as ESRI 'SHP' shape; MapInfo 'MIF'; and KML (Keyhole Markup Language / Google Earth) files. Where appropriate, these import/export options include full sort for different coordinate systems and projections. Further information can be found on the MPSuperShape website.

The MPMileage Mileage Computation Tool now handles street addresses locations and coordinate locations, in addition to pushpin locations. MPMileage batch-computes point-to-point route mileages and travel times, using Microsoft MapPoint. Unlike our popular MPMileCharter add-in which computes mileage tables, MPMileage calculates a list of routes specified in a database (ODBC or Microsoft Access), and is also capable of utilizing modern multi-core computers for faster processing. The latest version also adds new options to allow for scheduled "silent" unattended running. Further information can be found on the MPMileage website.

Our MPMileCharter Mileage Calculator for Microsoft MapPoint continues to be one of our most popular products. This add-in batch calculates route distances, travel times, and estimated costs for all routes between two groups of pushpins. The results are written to Microsoft Excel in the form of a mileage table. MPMileCharter is also capable of calculating routes for queries of the form "find the three closest sales offices to each of my customers, which are also within 30 minutes driving time". See the MPMileCharter website for further information.

MPRouteWriter is another Microsoft MapPoint add-in. MPRouteWriter can be used to export route waypoints and matching pushpins to Microsoft Excel or a text file. All pushpin data fields, distances, travel times, and rest stops can be written. MPRouteWriter also has a component called MPRouteReader which can be used to create a route from pushpins, sorting them in a pre-defined order. See the MPRouteWriter website for further information.

Our MPCluster add-in for Microsoft® MapPoint® performs cluster analysis of MapPoint datasets. MPCluster can find clusters (natural groups) of MapPoint pushpins and data areas (typically shaded areas). The results can be drawn as annotation on the MapPoint map, or listed in a Microsoft® Excel® workbook. Further information can be found on the MPCluster website.

Costa Rican Teak Sapling

Since 2008, we have been involved in field work for the University of Dallas' Ecological features of reforestation sites at Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Cabin Retreat, Costa Rica research project. We created the EcoMap Costa Rica website in support of the project; supervised the acquisition of field data and panoramic photos; and created the online interactive maps and a Silverlight panoramic photograph viewer/comparer. The site includes background information, student blogs, and student reports. The site's online interactive maps have been written up in a series of articles published at GeoWeb Guru, and use Microsoft Bing Maps, and UMN MapServer with OpenLayers.