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Winwaed Software Technology LLC can supply a range of different products and services for Microsoft® MapPoint®, including our own range of tools and add-ins. Our full range of Microsoft MapPoint products can be found on the dedicated website. These include:


Table of distances between some major European cities

Our popular MPMileCharter product is designed to batch-calculate mileage tables and charts in Microsoft MapPoint. Output can be in the form of distances, travel times, and/or cost estimates. All of Microsoft MapPoint's routing options are supported. MPMileCharter can also report only the closest destinations, or those that are within a specific distance or travel time.

See the MPMileCharter website for further details and a free trial download.


MPMileage logo

In addition to MPMileCharter, we have a second mileage computation tool for Microsoft MapPoint, called MPMileage. MPMileage calculates mileages for point-to-point routes specified in a database (Access, Excel, or ODBC) . This differs from MPMileCharter which computes mileage charts and tables. MPMileage can also fully utilize modern multi-core computers efficiently, allowing much faster processing times.

See the MPMileage website for further details and a free trial download.

MPRouteWriter & MPRouteReader

RouteWriter for MapPoint

Do you have problems importing or exporting route waypoints whilst maintaining their order? MPRouteWriter solves these problems by exporting waypoints to Microsoft Excel in route order. Waypoints are cross-referenced with pushpins, allowing all pushpin data fields to be exported.

MPRouteReader is included with MPRouteWriter. This performs the opposite, i.e. you can create a route from pushpins in a pre-determined order. This order is specified using a pushpin data field.

See the MPRouteWriter website for further details and a free trial download.


MPSuperShape for MapPoint

MPSuperShape is a shape manipulation tool for Microsoft MapPoint. It allows you to combine shapes, find overlaps between shapes, and to import / export various file formats. Supported formats include KML, GML, ESRI SHP, MapInfo MIF, and HTML. Multiple projections and coordinate systems are supported for the MIF and SHP import/export options. Possible applications include:

  • Combining drive-time areas to find the total area covered by existing depots
  • Finding territory overlaps
  • Finding areas which meet multiple characteristics
  • Transfering shapes to/from other GIS systems including ESRI and MapInfo
  • Simplifying shapes
  • Drawing territory boundaries around pushpins

See the MPSuperShape website for further details and a free trial download.


MPCluster for MapPoint

MPCluster is a cluster analysis tool for Microsoft MapPoint. It allows you to find clusters (i.e. natural groupings) of pushpins. Clusters can be drawn as annotation on the map and/or exported to Microsoft Excel. Options include the ability to set the size and number of clusters. MPCluster also supplies annotation-management functions. Possible applications include:

  • Finding territories for sales representatives
  • Identifying locations for new sales offices
  • Helping to identify patterns in sales data or incident reports

See the MPCluster website for further details and a free trial download.