Book Review: Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing

“Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing” by Christopher D. Manning and Hinrich Schutze has a relatively old publication date of 1999, but do not let this deter you from reading this useful book. This book continues to be an important foundation text in a fast moving field.

Book Review: Natural Language Understanding

Although “Natural Language Understanding” by James Allen is an older book, it still contains some useful content presented in a readable form. Although more modern books take a more statistical approach, this book has good, clear presentations of formal grammar, logic, and conversation agent topics.

Book Review: Word Sense Disambiguation

“Word Sense Disambiguation: The Case for Combinations of Knowledge Sources” by Mark Stevenson describes the author’s six year research project into Word Sense Disambiguation that started with his PhD in 1995. The book includes a summary literature review of previous attempts at Word Sense Disambiguation before building a framework that combines multiple models and filters ...