Ultra Mileage: Ready for Beta Testing

We have been developing a “super fast” route calculation engine for use in our MileCharter and MPMileage tools. This is called Ultra Mileage and the initial version with Ultra MileCharter has just entered beta testing. Ultra MPMileage will be added in the near future. Ultra Mileage  is capable of calculating driving distances, travel times, and ...

New MileCharter and MPMileage for Maptitude Released

New versions of MileCharter for Maptitude and MPMileage for Maptitude have been released.The new versions add support for the new United Kingdom and Ireland country pack, and support for symbol characters in country names. Both of these tools are batch route (driving distance, time, estimated cost) calculators. Further information can be found at: http://www.milecharter.com http://www.mpmileage.com

FetchRoadSpeeds Utility v1.2 released

We have just released v1.2 of our free FetchRoadSpeeds utility for Caliper Maptitude. This isused to fetch the street road speed statistics for use in MileCharter for Maptitude and MPMileage for Maptitude. v1.2 adds support for a range of different symbol characters in the country name, e.g. the new United Kingdom & Ireland country pack. ...

MileCharter for Maptitude v1.5 Released

MileCharter for Maptitude v1.5 has just been released. This fixes a couple of cosmetic issues including a progress form “flash” seen with Caliper Maptitude 2017. This is a free upgrade for existing users of MileCharter for Maptitude. Further details and a free 14 day trial can be found at: http://www.milecharter.com. We also have an update ...

MileCharter for Maptitude v1.4 released

MileCharter for Maptitude v1.4 was released this morning. MileCharter is our popular batch mileage computation add-in for Maptitude, designed to calculate rectangular mileage tables and perform “find closest” type queries. v1.4 adds support for the new Caliper Maptitude 2016. See the MileCharter website for further information including a free 14 day trial.