Product Overview: MPExporter

Those looking to migrate their Microsoft MapPoint maps to the geospatial web may want to look at MPExporter, an add-in from

Book Review: Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook

Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook by Alper Dincer & Balkan Uraz  (buy from Packt) is a good introduction to the Google Maps JavaScript API in its current incarnation. Although it glosses over some of the potential weaknesses, it provides good working examples of everything from simple map features through to more sophisticated topics such as ...

Generating Google Map Heatmap Mashups from your geo-related data

de/numerics have released a web service for creating heatmap translucent color overlays of geographic-based data on Google maps. No programming is required, but this service can be accessed using a PHP API. This article shows you how to use this service using the PHP programming interface.

Elevation added to the Google Maps API

As a part of the new v3 Google Maps API, Google have announced the addition of a new Elevation Web Service.  Limited elevation data has been available from a number of map web services, but the Elevation Web Service allows individual coordinates and complete path profiles to be queried. Going by the samples, it looks ...

Book Review: Google Maps Mashups with Google Mapplets

Google Maps Mashups with Google Mapplets, Michael Young, Appress 2008 This short book is an introduction to creating Google Mapplets – small web gadgets that are hosted by Google and use Google Maps. As well as introducing mapplets, the book builds a mashup application that uses scripts hosted on a separate website to poll and ...

Technical Overview: Google Maps

Technical Overview: Google Maps
Google Maps is the most well known of the various mapping web services. With a rich JavaScript API, road maps, route planning, satellite images, and data plotting; Google Maps offers similar services and maps as Microsoft’s competing Virtual Earth service. Google Maps should not be confused with Google’s other mapping product, Google Earth. Google Earth ...

Book Review: KML Handbook

The KML Handbook: Geographic Visualization for the Web, by Josie Wernecke, Addison Wesley 2008 Josie Wernecke provides an excellent description of all of the features of KML (Keyhole Markup Language). This book serves as both an introductory guide and a reference for KML practitioners.