Technical Overview: GeoNames

GeoNames is a series of web services to an extensive geographical database of over 8,000,000 names. The database is also available for “bulk” download. Both access methods are under the Creative Commons attribution license. The web services are available through free and commercial interfaces, and using a number of different format/protocols.

Elevation added to the Google Maps API

As a part of the new v3 Google Maps API, Google have announced the addition of a new Elevation Web Service.  Limited elevation data has been available from a number of map web services, but the Elevation Web Service allows individual coordinates and complete path profiles to be queried. Going by the samples, it looks ...

The Haiti Earthquake and the Geospatial Web

Responses to the Haiti earthquake disaster have been dominating the geospatial news and blogs for the past ten days or so. The response has truly been a community response with the production of everything from scientific and educational maps, through to the creation of new street maps, and the analysis of daily satellite imagery. The ...

Polar Maps and Projections: Part 2, Implementation 2

The first part of this article looked at different ways of producing polar maps and surveyed a number of different azimuthal projections that are often used for polar maps. In this second part, I produce a working implementation using UMN MapServer and OpenLayers.

Polar Maps and Projections: Part 1, Overview

With the success of my earlier series on global equal area map projections (starting with this overview), I received a number of requests to produce a similar how-to article for polar maps. The first part of this article (published here) provides an overview of a number of different map projections commonly used for polar maps. ...

GeoServer and MapFish both accepted into OSGeo incubation

The MapFish and GeoServer projects has just been officially accepted by the OSGeo (Open Source Geospatial Foundation) into their ‘incubation’ status. Incubation status means that these projects are on track to become an official OSGeo project, but they are not there yet.  Both project teams will need to demonstrate a range of criteria, including a ...

Technical Overview: Geocoder.US

Geocoder.US is a popular online geocoding service. The service supports geocoding through REST, XML-RPC, SOAP, web interface, and email. Limited services are free for non-commercial purposes. Batch geocoding is also available for commercial users.

Book Review: Google Maps Mashups with Google Mapplets

Google Maps Mashups with Google Mapplets, Michael Young, Appress 2008 This short book is an introduction to creating Google Mapplets – small web gadgets that are hosted by Google and use Google Maps. As well as introducing mapplets, the book builds a mashup application that uses scripts hosted on a separate website to poll and ...

Technical Overview: Mapstraction

Mapstraction is a JavaScript toolkit that provides an common API to eleven different mapping providers. This allows a developer to create an application that can be easily switched between different base map providers. This could be at development time (eg. if a provider introduces better data) or at runtime (eg. according to region or the ...

How to create an online map with a non-Mercator Projection: Part 2

In the first part of this article we created a WMS server of basemaps using an unconventional map projection (the Mollweide projection). In this second part, we shall implement the client side of the project, creating a working application that will plot user data on the basemaps.