is now Responsive

The website has now been convert to a responsive theme that matches . Let me know if you see any issues. MPExporter is our add-in for Microsoft MapPoint that lets you export your data to a range of different formats including SVG, web pages, SHP files, and Maptitude maps.

New Product: Pre-computed US Zipcode Mileage Charts

Update Monday 8th August 2016: The pan-US chart has been added to this product. We have just released our first commercial product on the website. This product consists of mileage charts of driving distance and travel time between US zipcodes. This is supplied as two archives. The first contains an Excel workbook for each ...

Effective Python Penetration Testing published

I was a technical reviewer/editor for Effective Python Penetration Testing by Rejah Rehim which has just been published by Packt Publishing. This book covers a range of security and analysis techniques and tools, including the automation of penetration testing – all using Python.  

Caliper release free US Health Data

Caliper have just released a data pack of US healthcare providers as a free download for Maptitude and TransCAD. This data pack includes hospitals, health clinics, physicians, other providers (pharmacists, nurses, optometrists, etc), and other features (pharmacies, dental practices, etc). Further information and the download can be found here. The data packs are in the ...

New theme for, and an office move

The responsive theme used for our website has been updated with something that is much more pleasing on the eyes than the earlier “yellow” theme. The plan is to roll this theme out to all of our commercial sites over the coming months. Let me know what you think. As a reminder, has ... Relaunched

We have just relaunched the website. Charts have been calculated for all continents except Antarctica, at the continent, country, and first level administrative area (e.g. US states, Canadian provinces, and UK countries). The manual single-route calculator is also now operational. All of the mileage charts are now one ‘set’, making them easier to search ...

MPMileage for Maptitude v1.3 released

MPMileage for Maptitude v1.3 has just been released MPMileage is our popular batch mileage computation add-in for Maptitude, designed to calculate a list of point-to-point route distances and travel times, writing the results back to the input database. v1.3 adds support for the new Caliper Maptitude 2016. See the MPMileage website for further information including ...

MileCharter for Maptitude v1.4 released

MileCharter for Maptitude v1.4 was released this morning. MileCharter is our popular batch mileage computation add-in for Maptitude, designed to calculate rectangular mileage tables and perform “find closest” type queries. v1.4 adds support for the new Caliper Maptitude 2016. See the MileCharter website for further information including a free 14 day trial.

Maptitude 2016 released 2

Caliper have just released the 2016 version of their popular Maptitude GIS product. Maptitude 2016 adds a number significant changes, especially to the areas of route finding and territories. Route Finding Maptitude 2014 and 2015 had a relatively poor Route Manager. This was particularly noticeable to users who had moved from Microsoft’s discontinued Streets & ...

New Book Published: Mastering Python Forensics

I was a technical editor for Packt Publishing’s latest book, Mastering Python Forensics by Dr Michael Spreitzenbarth and Dr Johann Uhrmann, which was published last week. Mastering Python Forensics covers Windows, Linux, virtualization, mobile Android and Apple IOS), and memory forensics using Python.