Mapping the St Albans Sinkhole 2

Mapping the St Albans Sinkhole
On 1st October, a large sinkhole opened up in St Albans, UK, cutting off an entire cul-de-sac of houses. New sinkholes are very common, but this one quickly became international news due to its photogenic proximity to houses. We think of sinkholes as appearing in places like Florida or the Yorkshire Dales. Why did one ...

Product Overview: Caliper Maptitude

Although Caliper®’s Maptitude® product is usually considered a desktop GIS system, it does implement a number of web-based features, allowing it to be used as a web map viewer.

Product Overview: MPExporter

Those looking to migrate their Microsoft MapPoint maps to the geospatial web may want to look at MPExporter, an add-in from

Book Review: Building Web Applications with ArcGIS

Building Web Applications with ArcGIS, by Hussein Nasser (buy from Packt) is a beginner’s guide to creating a simple web map application with ArcGIS. The format is that of a tutorial, and will be useful to someone creating their first geoweb application using ArcGIS for Server. More advanced users may find the author’s other ArcGIS ...

Book Review: Cartographer’s Toolkit

The Cartographer’s Toolkit: Colors, Typography, Patterns by Gretchen N. Peterson is a collection of color palettes, typography, and other map components arranged in an easy to reference manner.It will be useful for those who wish to (and have the opportunity to) design more sophisticated maps.

Book Review: PostGIS Cookbook

The PostGIS Cookbook by Paolo Conti, Thomas J Kraft, Stephen Vincent Mather, and Bborie Park (buy from Packt) is a collection of how-to recipes for the PostGIS extension for Postgres. It is recommended for intermediate and even advanced PostGIS users. Novice Postgres/PostGIS users may also find it useful, but they will need to use it ...

Book Review: Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook

Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook by Alper Dincer & Balkan Uraz  (buy from Packt) is a good introduction to the Google Maps JavaScript API in its current incarnation. Although it glosses over some of the potential weaknesses, it provides good working examples of everything from simple map features through to more sophisticated topics such as ...

Book Review: OpenLayers Cookbook

The OpenLayers CookBook by Antonio Santiago Perez is a good description of the more sophisticated functionality support by the OpenLayers open source library.

Book Review: Python Geospatial Development

“Python Geospatial Development” by Erik Westra provides a good introduction to geospatial development with Python. Python is ideal for “swiss army knife” geospatial operations, but the book concentrates on the development of applications including geospatial databases and Django-based geospatial web applications.

Book Review: PostGIS in Action

PostGIS in Action by Regina O.Obe and Leo S. Hsu, provides a good introduction and reference to the PostGIS extensions to the popular Postgres database. It is recommended for anyone intending to use PostGIS. Although the book includes a primer and introductory coverage of SQL and Postgres, someone with limited experience in these areas will ...