Ultra Mileage v1.7 Released

We have just released v1.7 of our super-fast Ultra Mileage system. Ultra Mileage batch calculates point-to-point routes as a table (Ultra MileCharter) or in a database list (Ultra One2OneMileage). For smaller countries, speeds of 1000 routes/sec are possible.

v1.7 adds some improvements to Ultra MileCharter’s text/CSV input option. This now supports multiple character encodings and has improved localization.

All road packs were updated last week.

The new version of Ultra Mileage can be downloaded from the Ultra Mileage website. This is a free upgrade for existing licensed users of Ultra Mileage, and it is recommended that all users upgrade. The free 14 day trial continues to be available.

For further information, walk-throughs, and documentation see the Ultra Mileage website.

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