Ultra Mileage v1.4 Released

We have just released v1.4 of our super-fast Ultra Mileage system. Ultra Mileage batch calculates point-to-point routes as a table (Ultra MileCharter) or in a database list (Ultra One2OneMileage). For smaller countries, speeds of 1000 routes/sec are possible.

v1.4 adds a new geocoding tool, Ultra Geocoder. The route finding tools use geographic (longitude, latitude) coordinates. The geocoder is used to find geographic coordinates for user addresses. It can also handle partial addresses, i.e. just postcodes/zipcodes. Actual geocoding is performed by an online service (LocationIQ, HERE, and OpenCageData currently supported) or a local geocoder (Caliper Maptitude).

v1.4 also includes a number of other improvements including support for Caliper Maptitude workspace (wrkz) files, and all QC maps can now be resized.

The Ultra Pre-Processor (used to create new road packs) is also about 30% faster. A bug with road indexing in the pre-processor has been fixed. This would occasionally result in errors of only a few metres, but very rarely could result in larger areas not being routable. This affected the downloadable road packs, so it is strongly recommended all users use the latest road packs (from June).

A few weeks ago we also added some new road packs for the following US regions: West, South, Midwest, North East, and Pacific North West. The latter also includes British Columbia and the Yukon. These should be useful for users who find the Contiguous USA road pack to be too large. These, and all other road packs, are listed on the Available Road Packs page.

The new version of Ultra Mileage can be downloaded from the Ultra Mileage website. This is a free upgrade for existing licensed users of Ultra Mileage. The free 14 day trial continues to be available.

For further information, walk-throughs, and documentation see the Ultra Mileage website.

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