MileCharter for Maptitude v1.9

We have just released v1.9 of MileCharter for Maptitude.

MileCharter for Maptitude is a Maptitude add-in that batch calculates mileage tables between two groups of points. The Professional License can also limit the results to queries along the lines of “only report the three closest destinations that are within 30 minutes drive time of each source location”.

v1.9 adds two new features. The first adds the ability to write input data fields to the output tables. All previous versions of MileCharter (including the MapPoint versions) were limited to the name/identifier field and optionally the longitude,latitude coordinate. Now you can also write any of the input data fields that are present.

The second feature applies conditional logic when calculating routes, and is only available in the Professional license. This can be used to limit the routes calculated to just those that you require. For example, you might have customers and depots for multiple territories but only want the routes within individual territories and not between territories. Simply add a territory field to your input layers, and tell MileCharter to only calculate a route if the customer territory matches the depot territory. This can greatly improve MileCharter’s efficiency as it avoids unnecessary route calculations.

v1.9 is a free upgrade for existing licensed users of MileCharter for Maptitude. Further details and download can be found on the MileCharter website.

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