MileCharter for Mobile enters Beta Testing

The Android version of our popular MileCharter product is now available for public beta testing.

As a mobile version, this is intended to be used in the field. For example, you can use it to find the closest customers with current driving conditions to your current location, or to find the optimum route through multiple destinations.

Compared to earlier test versions, it is now possible to import destinations from your Contact List, and to share vCards with MileCharter for Mobile. Here is the current feature list:

  • Ability to enter destinations by typing street addresses in, or by pointing on a map
  • Ability to save destinations for the future, or keep on the current (i.e. today’s) list
  • Ability to call or text a destination before visiting it
  • Ability to dismiss a destination after you have visited it
  • Two modes
    • Find the closest destinations, and sort with the shortest travel time first
    • Find the optimum route that visits all destinations
  • Start navigating towards a location / start multi-point navigation
  • Support for miles and kilometers
  • Ability to import contacts from your Android Contact List
  • Ability to share vCards (e.g. files and email attachments) with MileCharter for Mobile
  • Support for current, optimistic, and pessimistic traffic conditions
  • “Getting started” (aka ‘onboarding’) hints at start-up

This beta version does not have any licensing costs or advertising. The final version will have advertising and subscription options to pay for the underlying services.


Further information can be found on the MileCharter Mobile website.

You are invited to install the beta version and give us your feedback.

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