Are you interested in a MileCharter for Mobile?

We are currently considering writing a mobile version of our popular MileCharter product.  Features would be cut down and concentrate on the “find closest” functionality.  It would start from your current location and be able to work with different traffic conditions including current ones. E.g. “which is the closest client with current traffic conditions”. You would also be able to come up with an optimum order.

Some possible use cases:

  • a sales rep who needs to visit customers or potential customers but does not have a fixed schedule (eg. cold calls?)
  • an estate agent/realtor who is giving a tour of houses for sale (they want to visit them in the allotted time but the order doesn’t really matter)
  • domestic service: e.g. landscapers or pool cleaners.

We would be looking at Android initially.

Would you be interested in a product like this? Or do you know of someone who might? If so please contact me directly, or start a discussion here.

What are your needs? What is your use case?

How are your locations stored at the moment? (eg. contact list, vcards, etc) From your perspective, what would be a convenient way to get them into such an app?

Are there any other features you would find useful?

Would you be interested in helping test the app?


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