Ultra Mileage v1.1 Released!

We have just released v1.1 of our Ultra Mileage product. The major addition to this version is the new Ultra One2OneMileage mileage computation tool. This is a port of our existing MPMileage to the Ultra Mileage system. In contrast to MileCharter which computes routes between two groups of points, One2OneMileage calculates point-to-point routes that are listed in a database. The results (distance, travel time, route costs) are written back to the database. Supported databases include Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and ODBC databases.

Ultra One2OneMileage is licensed separately to Ultra MileCharter, but a discounted combined license is available.

v1.1 also adds support for configuration files and a quiet command line mode to both MileCharter and One2OneMileage. These enable the use of both tools in a scripted or cron/Task Scheduler environment. Another improvement involves the handling of disconnected (‘orphan’) sections of the road network.

A full list of changes can be found on the documentation’s Revision History page.

Further information about Ultra Mileage can be found on the Ultra Mileage website. This includes walk throughs, documentation, purchase options, and a free 14 day trial. Prices start at US$120/license with volume discounts starting at the 5+ level.

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