MPCluster for Maptitude v2.4 released

We have just released the latest version of MPCluster for Maptitude, our cluster analysis add-in for Caliper Maptitude.

v2.4 adds a number of options to the Maptitude output. First is the option to create a layer for circles. A circle is centered on each cluster and is drawn at the requested maximum cluster radius or diameter. These are useful to compare the size of the actual cluster against the maximum requested.

Another new option can add labels to the cluster boundary layer. These can make it easier to identify the clusters, especially when there are large numbers of clusters and many have similar colors.

Finally, you can now optionally set the run name, cluster name, and data view name to be automatically the same.

This is a free upgrade for all users of MPCluster for Maptitude v2.*.

MPCluster for Maptitude v2 Basic continues to be priced at US$100. The new Professional license is priced at US$140. Volume discounts start at the 5+ level; and discounts continue to be available for those upgrading from the old MapPoint version of MPCluster.

Existing users of MPCluster for Maptitude v1.* can upgrade to v2 Basic for free, or purchase an upgrade license. For further information and a free 14 day trial, please see:

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