Ultra MileCharter 1.0 Launched!

We have just launched the first tool in our Ultra Mileage system: Ultra MileCharter. Ultra Mileage is a very fast route calculation engine that is capable of calculating up to 1000 routes a second. Road data is typically from OpenStreetMaps, meaning it will work anywhere in the world. We also produce pre-processed road packs for many countries and regions.

Ultra MileCharter runs as a standalone application and can read data from text files, Excel workbooks, or Caliper Maptitude MAP files. Note: Data must already be geocoded. As well as the usual text and Excel output options, Ultra MileCharter includes a QC option that lets you visually verify the routes taken on a map.

System requirements: .NET 4.5.2 (or later) on 64 bit Windows 7 (or later). 16GB RAM is required for the US road pack – other countries require less. A solid state drive (SSD) and modern multi-core CPU are both recommended for faster processing.

Ultra MileCharter licenses start at US$120 with volume discounts available.

See the Ultra Mileage website for further information:

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