Back&Forward Utility, and Drive Speed Add-in for MapPoint, to be withdrawn

On Friday (17th March) I will be withdrawing the downloads for the “Back and Forward Utility” and the Drive Speed Add-in. These were both add-ins for Microsoft MapPoint which Microsoft have now withdrawn.

The Back and Forward Utility fixed a problem in MapPoint 2009 that meant users could not “back-up” through a series of views. This was fixed in MapPoint 2010.

The Drive Speed Add-in was written by Paul Larson and allowed a user to enter an explicit speed instead of using the built-in speed sliders in MapPoint 2006 (and later).

Our commercial MapPoint products (MileCharter, MPMileage, MPSuperShape, MPCluster, MPRouteWriter, and MPExporter) continue to be available, but we recommend all MapPoint users move to Caliper Maptitude.

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