Product and Website Changes

We have had three product and website changes over the past few days:

First, a new version of MPCluster for Maptitude v2.1 has just been released. This is a maintenance release and fixes some issues with Southern Hemisphere data. It is free for existing licensed users of v2.0. Licensed users of v1.* can upgrade to v2.1 Basic for free, or purchase an upgrade license to use the Professional license.

The MPCluster website has also been updated with our new responsive theme, bringing it inline with Let us know if you see any problems. We will continue to roll this theme out on our commercial websites over the next few months.

Finally, the Shape Name Utility for MapPoint has been withdrawn from our downloads. With the demise of Microsoft MapPoint, the interest and downloads for this free product have dwindled to almost nothing. It simply is not worth updating the online documentation to match the modern responsive theme that we are rolling out.

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