New theme for, and an office move

The responsive theme used for our website has been updated with something that is much more pleasing on the eyes than the earlier “yellow” theme. The plan is to roll this theme out to all of our commercial sites over the coming months. Let me know what you think.

As a reminder, has free downloadable mileage charts for all continents except Antarctica. These are provided at the continent, country, and first level administrative area (e.g. US states, Canadian provinces, and UK countries). Charts are provided in Excel xlsx format and include driving distances and estimated travel times. Mileage charts are recomputed every few months to incorporate the latest OpenStreetMap road changes.

In other news, we are currently in the early stages of an office move. We are remaining in Wichita Falls, Texas; and this should be the last move for a long time. Machines and phones will be disconnected on Wednesday 25th May, and we should be back online by the 31st (i.e. immediately after the Memorial Day weekend).

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