We have just relaunched the website. Charts have been calculated for all continents except Antarctica, at the continent, country, and first level administrative area (e.g. US states, Canadian provinces, and UK countries). The manual single-route calculator is also now operational.

All of the mileage charts are now one ‘set’, making them easier to search and navigate. These have all been calculated with OpenStreetMaps data – previously, multiple sources were used for different sets of charts. Cities and towns are chosen by their population, as reported in the GeoNames database. Unlike the old charts, a complete re-computation now takes days rather than months, so we intend to recalculate the tables every 1-2 months.

Note that the web page style/template is very much a work-in-progress. The new template is responsive, but does require further improvements. These will be applied over the coming months.

Also, a few of the tables are currently empty. These empty tables are particularly common in Central America and are related to the continental classification of countries in the GeoNames database. As the cause is known, we will be fixing them in the coming weeks.

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