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These are my personal homepages. Winwaed Software Technology LLC also has its own site. I also operate the website for tools and add-ins for Microsoft MapPoint; and The LNER Encyclopedia.

Why 'Winwaed'? Winwaed is an old English name dating back to a battle which occurred in 655AD. I grew up on what was possibly the location of the Battle of Winwaed.


The LNER Encyclopedia for all things LNER.

The Land Rover Page includes details about Land Rover History, Series 3 vehicles, and military FFRs ("Fitted For Radio") in-particular. Military Series 3 circuit diagrams are included.

The Railway Pages concentrate on railway modelling, the LNER, and the Trinity Railway Express (TRE).

The Photo Pages include pictures of England, Wales and Texas.


The Daly City Earthquake of 1957 Pages include a sound recording and personal accounts of the largest earthquake to hit the San Francisco Peninsular since 1906.


The Battle of Winwaed Pages discuss a major Anglo-Saxon battle which occurred in 655AD and marked the defeat of the last major English pagan king.

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